How to resolve and heal the wounds that underlie our triggers?

Start with Self Observation. Become the Witness of your Conditioning.

When you are able to calm down your nervous system when triggered, you create space to observe yourself.

Observing yourself is something you do when you feel triggered or shortly after. It is important to still remember how you behaved and felt.

Self observation allows you to clearly see and name your old conditioning by identifying the underlying pattern and dynamic.

When you see the dynamic clearly, you can start breaking it down into: what part of it comes from you?

Later, when you sit with yourself and consciously want to explore that trigger/story/emotion, you can reflect on what you need to heal.

What is the story in your head about the situation?

How can you rewrite it?

When you then step into feeling, you can try to figure out what the underlying emotion is in the moment of that trigger–what is driving the narrative and your reaction.

This step will bring up a lot in you, a wave of emotions which might me difficult to ride. That’s ok. It will get easier over time. However, this step is also the one which will help you most. The previous ones were done to arrive here: Feeling the underlying emotion that wants to be felt, processed and integrated.

Celebrate getting there. This is a breakthrough.