Theory vs Practice

A pattern that keeps us from getting to know ourselves is seeing more value in theoretical knowledge than in the practice of realignment. Here are some thoughts on evolving past that.

‘Theoretical knowledge is more important than practice.’

This story is one of the core narratives of western culture, and one most of us have internalized.
When our practice doesn’t align with our knowledge, it’s worth pausing to reflect:

Is this something deeper coming to the surface?
Is it a glimpse of my shadow?

Each pattern of misalignment between

‘what we know’
‘what we do’

contains a truth about us.

How can we explore this truth?

We can start observing the moments when we notice that we haven’t embodied something we know.

Instead of telling ourselves

‘I know, therefore the work is done.’

Use this moment as an opportunity to ask

‘What have I embodied and what is the underlying belief I have that leads me here?’

Knowledge alone does not lead to embodiment.
Practicing turning inward is what creates alignment inside and outside of ourselves.